Trandangxuan Business Football League Championship 2011-12 Season Is Here

Football League Championship 2011-12 Season Is Here

The Football League Championship, also called The Championship, is 2nd most effective to the Premier League within the English soccer league gadget.

Before the 2004-05 season, the Football League Championship became called the Football League First Division. Among non-pinnacle-flight soccer divisions, the Championship has established itself a number of the wealthiest in the international and the 6th richest in Europe.

The Football League Championship (FLC) is in truth a new version of the old First Division that got here into being after golfตารางคะแนน/ตารางคะแนนอังกฤษ equipment from the vintage first department broke away inside the 1992-93 season to form the best league. As such, the winners of the FLC are awarded the same trophy as the vintage first division winners received.

Twenty-four teams compete inside the league. The season runs from August to May, all through which every crew plays every other twice, home and away, for a complete of 46 games in keeping with crew. A win qualifies for three points, a draw for one and a loss for none. The hierarchy of teams at the points desk is based totally in turn on points won, intention difference and desires scored.

The top teams, at the cease of the season are promoted to the EPL, along with a 3rd qualifier in the form of the winner of the Championship play-offs. The backside three groups get relegated to Football League One.

The Championship play-offs are played in a knock-out format competition through groups completing 0.33 to 6th at the factors table, with the winner being promoted to the Premier League. The 3 groups qualifying for the Premier League are changed in the subsequent season via the lowest three teams of the Premier League within the present day season. The relegated groups are changed by using the top groups of the Football League One and the winner of the League One play-off very last.

Swansea City, Norwich and Queens Park Rangers are the 3 Championship groups that have were given promoted to the Premier League within the 2011-12 season. They have changed Birmingham City, Blackpool and West Ham United who got relegated from the Premier League.

Despite its subservience to the EPL, there is no discounting the significance of the Championship to the destiny of English soccer, as a cradle of local talent. This is especially so, as the EPL is being dominated by way of gamers of foreign beginning.

In this regard, the increasing popularity of the Championship, as evidenced through rising attendances, is heartening.

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