This semester some of the students of Xuan Laboratory have graduated, we congratulate all of them. And best of luck for their future 
idec graduation ceremony spetember 2016.jpg
Our lab organized farewell party for the students who are graduating this semester September, 2016. Some of the students will continue for their PhD degree while some are leaving for their home country. Our lab wishes best of luck for all these for their future.farewell, september 2016.jpg
Our lab organized a BBQ Party on July 2, 2016. This party is to celebrate the occasion, as two of our lab members (MR. Khang and Mr. Nuriddinov) recently become father. Special thanks to our Sensei and the organizers. At the end of the party Prof. Tran Dang Xuan gave special gift to two new fathers and also gave away the prize for winning team of the football matches. We pray and hope for the bright future of their children.
BBQ Party 2016.jpg
Our lab organized mixed Futsal match on July 2, 2016. We played diving into two groups. In the mixed match, after a 5-5 draw, we decided the winner by tiebreaker (1-0). Not to mention that, in both team our female leaders was strickers.

They did very well. The weather was little bit hot, but we enjoyed it. After the mixed match one more match took place.
Xuan Laboratory Futsol Match.jpg
The best essay competition in the Xuan's lab
It is announced that Xuan's lab is accepting application for the best essay on topic "What do you think about Japan?"
Eligibility: Members of Xuan's lab
Deadline: December 15th, 2014.
The length of the essay: max. 450 words or 1 page.
Awards: There are several...


Every wednesday 12.00 - 12.50 pm all of our lab members gather to have lunch together. It gives the students a great opportunity to meet each other, discuss about their life here in Hiroshima university and enjoy their food. Also, students can talk about their research problems, while others can help finding solutions.

Organizer of the event: Mr. Tuan and Ms. One is in charge of the event. 

Seminar on Resource Ecology - Xuan Laboratory seminar is held on every Tuesday at IDEC. 

Room: IDEC - 201, Hiroshima University 
Time: 4.30pm - 5.30pm (16.30 - 15.30)  

Please do not forget to check your email for the regular update about the seminar. 
For further information regarding the seminar please contact to Mr. Truong Ngoc (PhD Student) Minh for any information.
Laboratory seminar is held on every Tuesday at room 201 from 4 pm.
Laboratory seminar is held on every Tuesday at room 201 from 4 pm.
The greenhouse and fields for rice and sorghum experiments will be prepared in early-mid April.